On this page, you will find more information about my work experience as a chess player, chess trainer, chess arbiter, chess organiser, chess writer and chess photographer. To hire/recruit me in any capacity, please use the form on the Contact page.


I began playing chess competitively while in primary school in the mid-90s and after a decade-long break in the 2000s, resumed in 2010. I am currently a titled player on the FIDE Online Arena platform as an ACM (Arena Candidate Master) and my ultimate goal is to become an IM (International Master) by December 2027 (view my FIDE profile).

FIDE rated standard tournament performances (in reverse chronological order):

n – number of rounds; c – games completed (inclusive of walkovers received); p – games played; r – games against rated opponents; W – wins; D – draws; L – losses; wr – walkovers received; wg – walkovers given; Pts – total points scored; % – winning percentage of completed games; Ro – rating at the start of the tournament; Rc – average rating of rated opponents; Rp – rating performance; R+/- – rating change after the tournament; Plrs – total registered players; sRk – starting rank; fRk – final rank; cRk – change in ranking; NRk – national rank (active players) at the start of the tournament


I have been teaching beginners the basics of how to play chess since 2010 and am a qualified trainer with the DI (Developmental Instructor) title from FIDE since 2015.

Chess training seminars attended (in reverse chronological order):

FIDE Trainers’ Seminar – Cairo
26-27 November 2014 | Cairo, Egypt
Lecturers: FST, IA, IO Efstratios Grivas (GRE) and IA, FT, IO Omar Salama (ISL)
Title achieved: DI (Developmental Instructor)


I have been arbitrating in FIDE rated and unrated chess tournaments since January 2012 and am a qualified arbiter with the IA (International Arbiter) title and before that the FA (FIDE Arbiter) title from FIDE since September 2014.

Chess arbitration seminars attended (in reverse chronological order):

FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar – Kampala
16 – 23 July 2016 | Kampala, Uganda
Lecturers: IA, FT, IO Omar Salama (ISL) | IA Stephen Kisuze (UGA)
Title achieved: N/A

FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar – New Delhi
30 June – 2 July 2014 | New Delhi, India
Lecturers: IA Prof. Anantharam Rathinam (IND) | IA, IO Casto Abundo (PHI)
Title achieved: FA (FIDE Arbiter)

Chess tournaments arbitrated in:


I have been organising chess events since 2010 initially as a part of committees of 3-4 members and then on my own since January 2012 for various organisations (Nairobi Chess Club, Chess Players Association of Kenya, Westlands Chess Club, Motochess Ventures and Anchor Chess Club).

Chess events organised (in reverse chronological order):


Apart from writing for several personal blogs in the past, I have been a chess columnist for Kenya’s third largest English daily—The Star—and have even contributed to ChessBase India and Firstpost, two of India’s more popular news websites.

Some of my published writing (in reverse chronological order):


I have been taking photos of chess players since 2010 and have studied photography as a subject during my Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design course from 2003 and 2006 and then separately as a part-time course in 2004 in Bangalore, India. Most of the photos in the albums below were shot on a Canon/Nikon DSLR camera whereas some were shot on an iPhone 4s.

Albums of photos taken during chess events (in reverse chronological order):