Dear Readers,

The domain and hosting accounts of this website ( are both due for renewal on 22nd July 2018. However, I will not be renewing either and the website will be closing down a little under 2 weeks from now. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have the bandwidth or a financial justification to keep the website going.

The good news is that most of the existing content will not be lost and I have already found a new home for the bulk of it at Africa Chess Media ( where I will also be contributing new articles once the migration of old posts is complete. Since it’s launch in late January, Africa Chess Media (ACM) has become the go-to source for all news related to African chess and I am extremely proud to be a part of this pan African team bringing quality reporting to the world.

The Africa Chess Media logo

The Africa Chess Media logo

Of my other online assets, I will retain the ‘Paras Gudka – All Things Chess’ Facebook page ( where I will publish occasional updates that might be unsuitable as full-fledged articles or interviews on ACM.

Those of you receiving this post in your email inbox via a subscription of my mailing list ( will continue to receive links to articles online as and when something new is published.

Thank you all who have been following my work since I began writing at Chess Events EAC in 2011 and for various other blogs, websites and newspapers since. It’s been quite a ride and the journey is only getting more exciting.



P. S. The email address associated with this domain ( will cease to function along with the rest of the website after 22nd July 2018, so you are advised against using it henceforth.