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How to Get a FIDE ID Number and FIDE Rating

As a competitive player, nothing can motivate you to become better at chess as much as a FIDE (World Chess Federation) rating can. In many international tournaments, titled and higher rated players receive conditions such as free entry and complimentary boarding and lodging. A higher rating also means a higher national ranking which could lead to possible sponsorship deals once a player is in the top 10 or 5.

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How to Upload PGNs to Chess-Results Using ChessBase 13

If you are an organiser of a FIDE rated tournament and want your event to be worthy of scrutiny from chess commentators, making some or all of the games played available online is absolutely critical, more so if you aren’t offering live broadcast through DGT boards. Thankfully, the world’s most sophisticated pairings program, Swiss Manager, makes it possible to upload games manually from players’ scoresheets to Chess-Results via database compilation programs like ChessBase 13.

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