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It’s Over, No Prize For Me!

This past Saturday (5th August), I came very close to winning a prize after 18 years. I needed to draw my final game of the 2nd ANCC Closed Championship to finish in third place. Instead, I got schooled by a 15 year-old on when not to pursue a win that isn’t there in hope of silver when even bronze isn’t assured (talk about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush).

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The Game That Will Cost Me The 2nd ANCC Championship

A little over a month ago, on 1st July 2017, I played the game that will cost me the 2nd ANCC Closed Championship. It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the YWCA Hostels where my club meets. I was originally supposed to play against Pranjal Parikh but when it became apparent that the Deshpande siblings weren’t going to make it for their scheduled games, the fixtures had to be modified to accommodate whoever would be turning up. Pranjal would now play her sister Nikita and I would take on Brian Kariuki Waweru with the Black pieces.

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