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Author: Paras Gudka (Page 1 of 3) To Go Offline In July

Dear Readers,

The domain and hosting accounts of this website ( are both due for renewal on 22nd July 2018. However, I will not be renewing either and the website will be closing down a little under 2 weeks from now. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have the bandwidth or a financial justification to keep the website going.

The good news is that most of the existing content will not be lost and I have already found a new home for the bulk of it at Africa Chess Media ( where I will also be contributing new articles once the migration of old posts is complete. Since it’s launch in late January, Africa Chess Media (ACM) has become the go-to source for all news related to African chess and I am extremely proud to be a part of this pan African team bringing quality reporting to the world.

The Africa Chess Media logo

The Africa Chess Media logo

Of my other online assets, I will retain the ‘Paras Gudka – All Things Chess’ Facebook page ( where I will publish occasional updates that might be unsuitable as full-fledged articles or interviews on ACM.

Those of you receiving this post in your email inbox via a subscription of my mailing list ( will continue to receive links to articles online as and when something new is published.

Thank you all who have been following my work since I began writing at Chess Events EAC in 2011 and for various other blogs, websites and newspapers since. It’s been quite a ride and the journey is only getting more exciting.



P. S. The email address associated with this domain ( will cease to function along with the rest of the website after 22nd July 2018, so you are advised against using it henceforth.

How to Get a FIDE ID Number and FIDE Rating

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Why Kenya’s National Chess League Needs to Evolve

After years of watching others participate in the Kenya National Chess League (also known as Kenya Chess Premier League or more confusingly Kenya National Chess Premier League), my opportunity to play in it finally came last year as the captain of Anchor Chess Club. (It’s a whole other story that in 2016 when my club had begun preparing for that year’s edition in earnest, the tournament didn’t even happen due to wrangles within the federation.)

I’m saddened to inform you, though, that my experience of the tournament was anything but premier. Now before any of you call me an armchair critic or something along those lines, know that I have organised and officiated in several tournaments myself and so I am well aware of the challenges that come with this territory. Challenges should be seen and used as opportunities to improve standards, not as excuses to justify why the quality was and might continue to remain the same (or improve only marginally) in the future.

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The Year That Was: 2017 in Review

As I write this, I’ve been in surprisingly nippy Ahmedabad for a little over 9 hours, excited and anxious about attending the final round of the 2017 World Youth Chess Olympiad tomorrow morning. I would have spectated the penultimate round but I needed to catch up on sleep after a tiring 8.5 hour long train journey in a mainly seated position.

The prospect of observing a Kenya A vs Kenya B match didn’t make it any more appealing either. Tomorrow’s matches should be a lot more exciting though.

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How to Upload PGNs to Chess-Results Using ChessBase 13

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It’s Over, No Prize For Me!

This past Saturday (5th August), I came very close to winning a prize after 18 years. I needed to draw my final game of the 2nd ANCC Closed Championship to finish in third place. Instead, I got schooled by a 15 year-old on when not to pursue a win that isn’t there in hope of silver when even bronze isn’t assured (talk about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush).

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The Game That Will Cost Me The 2nd ANCC Championship

A little over a month ago, on 1st July 2017, I played the game that will cost me the 2nd ANCC Closed Championship. It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the YWCA Hostels where my club meets. I was originally supposed to play against Pranjal Parikh but when it became apparent that the Deshpande siblings weren’t going to make it for their scheduled games, the fixtures had to be modified to accommodate whoever would be turning up. Pranjal would now play her sister Nikita and I would take on Brian Kariuki Waweru with the Black pieces.

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Queen of Katwe to Release on 30th September

If good luck shines on me as has been happening in abundance this year, I should have the good fortune of watching Queen of Katwe (see poster below) in Uganda, where the story is from, around the time of its release.

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Interview: Graham Jurgensen on KCF-A’s 3rd Anniversary

It seems like only yesterday that I had first interviewed Graham Jurgensen on the launch of Kasparov Chess Foundation’s African arm for Chess Events EAC. Well, CEEAC is no more but KCF-A celebrated its third year anniversary last month and this is what the director had to say about their journey so far:

Graham Jurgensen at the Zimbabwe Easter Open 2015 with a junior player

Graham Jurgensen at the Zimbabwe Easter Open 2015 with a junior player

Paras: Congratulations on Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa’s 3rd year anniversary! How would you summarise the organisation’s achievements since its launch in March 2012? What has been the biggest of them and which has had the largest impact on chess players in Africa so far?

Graham: Thank you. Time has actually flown by and I didn’t even realise that we had been operating for that period of time but you are absolutely correct. We launched at the end of March 2012 and marked our 3rd anniversary last month.

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Interview: Joseph Methu on Winning Inaugural Kiambu Open

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