Though I began playing competitively a long time ago (read about my background here), the desire to make something noteworthy of myself as a player didn’t come until 2014 when I began exploring the possibility of a career as a full-time chess professional.

Paras Gudka versus Billy Chepkonga at the 57th NCC Championship / Aug 2015

Me versus Billy Chepkonga at the 57th NCC Championship – my first FIDE rated standard tournament / Aug 2015

I still have a long way to go towards achieving my ultimate ambition as a player—the title of International Master (IM)—but as Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Below you will find some of these steps that I am taking as a player, documented in reverse chronological order (to view the chess-results page, click on the name of the tournament).

Standard FIDE Rated Tournaments Played In

n – number of rounds; c – games completed (inclusive of walkovers received); p – games played; W – wins; D – draws; L – losses; wr – walkovers received; wg – walkovers given; Pts – total points scored; % – winning percentage of completed games; Ro – rating at the start of the tournament; Rc – average rating of rated opponents; Rp – rating performance; R+/- – rating change after the tournament; Plrs – total registered players; sRk – starting rank; fRk – final rank; cRk – change in ranking; NRk – national rank (active players) at the start of the tournament