Had it not been for my own coach, Sandeep Shah (the man in the wheelchair who single handedly trained an entire generation of competitive chess players at Oshwal Sports Complex, Nairobi in the 90s), I probably would never have gotten into competitive chess which wouldn’t have led me to where I am today.

Therefore, it is only fair that I keep the cycle going by teaching newcomers and encouraging them to play competitively when ready for the next step as chess players.

Currently, with my Developmental Instructor (DI) title from the World Chess Federation (FIDE), I am most qualified to teach beginners (aged 5 years and above).


FIDE Trainers’ Seminar – Cairo
26-27 November 2014 | Cairo, Egypt
Lecturers: FST, IA, IO Efstratios Grivas (GRE) and IA, FT, IO Omar Salama (ISL)
Title achieved: DI (Developmental Instructor)