About Paras

My name is Paras Gudka and I am a Kenyan chess professional based in Parklands, Nairobi.

Paras Gudka at the 57th NCC Championship at Braeburn School, Nairobi / Photo by Wanjohi Muchai
Me playing in the 57th Nairobi Chess Club Open / August 2015 (Photo by Wanjohi Muchai)

I am also the founder and CEO of Motochess Ventures (MV), a business that aims to provide A to Z of your chess needs. In the short time that MV has been operational, we have already reached customers across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

To learn more about my experience and skill in various aspects, visit these pages: competitive play, chess coachingchess organisationchess arbitration and chess photography.


I started playing competitive chess as a pre-teen in the mid-90s for two Nairobi schools (Oshwal Jain Primary and Oshwal High) before moving to India for further education in 1998.

Paras Gudka receiving a prize from Humphrey Andolo at Bubbles discotheque while organiser Kim Bhari looks on
Receiving a prize from Kenya no. 1 Humphrey Andolo at Bubbles discotheque in Nairobi / circa 1996

In India, I continued to play for my new school (Billimoria High, Panchgani) till 2000 after which a decade-long break ensued while I focused on higher studies and adjusting to life in two Indian metropolises (Mumbai and Bangalore) in quick succession.

On returning to Kenya in 2010, my interest in chess was rekindled when I joined Nairobi Chess Club and represented the club in that year’s national chess league.

Chess soon became my passion leading to the many initiatives I have been known for: two chess blogs (Chess Events EAC and PG on Chess), two chess clubs (Westlands Chess Club and Anchor Chess Club), a chess column in The Star newspaper and my current full-time chess business (Motochess Ventures).

Paras Gudka presenting a prize to Dev Shah of the WeCC Sumbawas at the NIS-WeCC U-20 Teams Challenge
Presenting a prize to Dev Shah at the NIS-WeCC U-20 Teams Challenge / February 2013