Challenging Myself to 100 Days of Clean Eating

The thought, “To cheat or not to cheat,” kept buzzing in my head as I flicked through high-definition channels barely paying attention to what was happening on-screen. I had just finished dinner. The all-too-familiar demon was back, urging me to break my promise of eating only autoimmune-friendly foods just for the burst of rich moist cakey sweetness that would last but a few seconds on my tongue. Fortunately, my emotions didn’t get the better of me this time. (The fact that I would have to place a minimum order worth Rs. 300 to get my local Birdy’s to deliver AND have to wait for at least 30 minutes before I could eat the treats, helped.)

That was a few nights ago. Since then, I’ve managed to go 4 whole days without cheating even on a gram of food that isn’t on my Psoriasis Recovery Protocol approved list (and am close to marking off Day 5 on my beautiful table calendar by Bombay artist Antara Pain).

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Recipe Saturdays: Homemade Apple Jelly

How I like my homemade apple jelly - with salt and cinnamon

How I like my homemade apple jelly – with salt and cinnamon

Continuing this series of Paleo friendly gut-healing recipes every Saturday, I bring to you what is fast becoming my favourite dessert snack—homemade apple jelly. Apart from being a tasty treat, there is gelatin in it that has many health benefits such as:

  • Helping the gut absorb nutrients (especially for those with damaged intestines)
  • Better joint health
  • Promoting hair, nail and skin growth
  • Improving skin elasticity

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Recipe Saturdays: Easy Peasy Pressure Cooked Carrot Soup

Having shared with you recipes written by other cooks on their blogs in the previous two editions of this series, I thought it might be fun to try putting together one of my own that I recently executed. This carrot soup is not only quick to make but also tastes delicious and is a great way to incorporate vegetables in your diet in an easy-to-digest form.

This is what my carrot soup looked like. Not too shabby, huh?

This is what my carrot soup looked like. Not too shabby, huh?

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Brian Kidula Takes Over In Black & White

My dear readers, thank you for your support during the time I authored The Star’s ‘In Black & White’ column. I am happy to announce that my colleague and experienced chess player Brian Kidula took over the column on 22nd January and has already published 3 articles:

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Interview: Onetouch Crew on their Nairobi-Buja Photo Expedition

Poster for 'Our Journey in Photographs'

Poster for ‘Our Journey in Photographs’

Last November, I was in Nairobi to wind up my affairs there before I could technically call myself a resident of Bombay and I happened to hear of a photo exhibition called ‘Our Journey in Photographs’. Something about photos from an epic Nairobi-Bujumbura road trip undertaken by a bunch of photographers. There was no way I would miss a photo exhibition about an epic road trip so I went.

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Recipe Saturdays: Bone Broth

Start your day with a nourishing bowl of bone broth and watch your digestion improve.

Recipe here: Quick Pressure Cooker Bone Broth | via Nom Nom Paleo

What my bowl of bone broth looks like

What my bowl of bone broth looks like

Recipe Saturdays on Social Media

Starting tomorrow morning at 11 am (IST), I will be sharing fun original recipes on my Twitter profile, Facebook page and Google+ page every Saturday to help you expand your culinary repertoire. Follow/Like/Add them now so that you don’t miss the updates. Something super healthy and super green coming tomorrow. :)

Update [08-Feb-2014]: From today, I’ll be publishing recipe links on my blog too starting with this post.